How to Use Set Timer


We know websites for children can be a great form of entertainment, fun and education, particularly for those times when it’s great to keep them occupied, like car journeys. However we also know it can be a challenge getting them off the sites and on to something else!

We have created a function to allow you to limit the length of time your child uses the website, from 5 to 30 minutes when needed.

How to use;
On the home page, click the Set Timer  cog at the bottom of the page. When in children’s menu, select ‘Set Timer’ from the jigsaw piece menu.

Simply scroll to select the time from 5 to 30 minutes and then click the button to ‘on.’

When the timer is set, the ‘Hourglass’ icon will appear on the website in the top left corner.  Once the time has expired, Tommy & Tallulah will appear to let your child know that the time has expired on the site for this session and they can no longer access the website.

If you ever want to override the timed-out session, simply click on the Hourglass icon at the top left hand corner. This will generate a question for parents to answer. Once answered correctly, this will then unlock the timer and the child can continue to play.

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Set Timer