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Welcome to the brand new Tickety Toc website where you can join in the Chime Time adventures with Tommy and Tallulah.


The website has been designed to create fun and entertaining games for children and also be full of useful news and events about Tickety Toc for parents. We know that tablets and mobile devices are a great way of creating fun entertainment for children, so we have designed a site that, unlike lots of other children’s websites, can be used on all types of computers, mobile devices and tablets.

Once they enter in to Tickety Town through the Tickety Toc Clock, children can join in games with Tommy and Tallulah to help them fix, fetch and find things, all before Chime Time. The website is programmed to reflect the exact time of day, so wherever you are in the world, on the hour, every hour, you can take part in Chime Time.

Completing games and visiting the website for Chime Time, helps unlock rewards. There are 12 rewards to collect, and each releases a funny clip of Tickety Town’s most unlucky resident, Tooteroo!

You can find out more about other Tickety friends by watching clips or test your knowledge by playing our fun interactive quiz. Plus watch out for those Spring Chicks, you never know where you’re going to find them hiding!

For parents, in addition to the useful information about Tickety Toc events and news, there is the opportunity to limit the length of time your children can play on the website for.  We know how valuable children’s digital content is but we also know how difficult it can be sometimes getting them off! We have therefore added the ‘Set Timer’ section, so if you do want to limit the time they get to play on the site, then you can for between 5 and 30 minutes.  Of course you can always override it if they’re having too much fun!  For more information on how this works, please click here

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